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home is where the heart is

There are no starving artist's here.

No black turtlenecks or berets.  No snooty wannabes. No tragic lives to glorify after death.

But there are 14 generations—spanning more than 462 resilient years—of inspired artists—living lives Marked by The Muse.

To honor that heritage, as mother and daughter, we created Marked by The Muse for women who are now as we have always been, independent minded, incredibly artistic, and divinely feminine.

We continue to create art, designs, and inspirational services grounded in classical simplicity and updated with a twist of whimsical imagination and wit. Be inspired by the wonder and symbology of color, totems of nature, and the power of inspirational words.

We seek to creatively inspire you to awaken who you truly are by reminding you of the artist and the magic that dwells within you—The Muse—your spirit.

Somehow, the majority of the world has come to believe that if you’re not famous, you’re not an artist and that artists compose a select group—a group of prodigies—a group of actors who win Oscars or musicians who are three-time Grammy winners. You know . . . the superstars. And the rest of us are to merely stand by watching as the rich and famous artists live their magical lives.

Well, [bleep] that.

Being an artist is not exclusively about fame or becoming billionaires.

It is, though, about freeing your imagination. It’s about thinking outside the box and saying good-bye to false assumptions about yourself and future, developing your creativity, rejecting fear, and pursuing your inspirations—your true purposes and possibilities.

Being an artist is about using your artistic license to create an inspired life—one that’s magical—to you.

The truth is, we are all artists practicing the art of living—all of us.

As an artist, The Muse continuously and endlessly encourages you with inspiration, new ideas and possibilities to do what you love: to cultivate your skills and to discover and share your talents.

But Make no mistake: The Muse is not simply handing out inspirational party favors. The Muse is in the business of waking you up and making you realize your inspirations.

Inspiration is not some elusive unicorn. It’s not something intangible. Inspiration is no more unique to you than breathing.

Because inspiration is the language of your spirit, feeling inspired is the sensation of experiencing your spirit—The Muse.

It’s by actualizing your inspirations that you live your desired life and wake up to who you truly are.

When your deepest desire is to make your deepest desires real . . . you've been Marked by The Muse.

As artists, we are all creators. We all have a wide range of mediums in which we create our everyday and contribute to the world around us, whether perceived as small or large works of art. We’re the ones creating our lives—every single day.

When you are Marked by The Muse, your life is your medium, and your mediums are many.

You create the experiences you want. You create your responses to the experiences you do not want. The truth is, The Muse inspires us all, as artists, to create our own masterpieces—our lives. 

Because if you don't create what your ideas inspire, who will? If you don't create the life you desire, who will? 

Who will if you don't? 

Alas, there’s no listing in the phonebook for The Muse.

But there are two here: daughter and mother.

Stephey Baker


Claudette Baker

We’re passionate about living Marked by The Muse: about creating art, designs, and inspirational services grounded in classical simplicity and updated with a twist of whimsical imagination and wit; and about inspiring you with the wonder and symbology of color, totems of nature, and the power of inspirational words.

Because that’s the providence of Marked by The Muse—inspired vision: to express a dimension of life that is just beyond the five senses, one that inspires you to see things differently (or perhaps to see things the way they truly are—the way you truly are).

In truth, we are fulfilling our purpose as artists Marked by The Muse when you remember what makes you uniquely beautiful, realize the positive aspects of your spirit, are energized by faith in your abilities and character, feel whole, and possess an incessant optimistic attitude toward creating your desired life.

Let the creations and services we offer cultivate a connection with your muse and awaken the wondrous side of living through refining your greatest masterpiece—YOU.

Let us inspire you to live Marked by the Muse.

Because waking up to The Muse makes life worth living.

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T h e  M u s e ’s  B i o

Passionate and fiery, The Muse is a steadfast mentor of divine origin who awakens the memory of who you truly are.

An endless source of inspiration, a guiding light of wisdom and strength of character, The Muse fiercely pinpoints and uproots limitations within your imagination and impresses mortal hearts with a can-do attitude.

The Muse stimulates your drive, fuels resolute belief in yourself, and fans your creative fires.

Follow your own Muse and quickly be inspired to get back to basics, do what you love, explore what makes your heart flutter and be encouraged to take action on your inner voice, which is the voice of your Muse, so as to create the life you truly desire.

Live Marked by The Muse, and be who you truly are.

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M e e t  S t e p h e y  B a k e r

Stephey Baker is a creative mentor, witty inspirational artist, writer, Master-Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy™, photographer, graphic designer, website designer, optimist and lover of bubbles.

Stephey's “Happy Place” is in the Muse’s embrace. As Stephey’s childhood pals discarded the Muse, she skipped into her lair by being accepted into an art school at age 14, (to gain salvation from being bullied) curious to explore imagination and ignorant to its depth.

Unbeknownst to her, this unified a partnership with her Muse and began the exploration of art and creativity as life process, and without foresight, obtained a ministerial degree in spiritual counseling. This unforeseen pursuit empowered Stephey's artistic tools with spiritual tools to create Art, enabling her to listen deep within her heart, hear the voice of her spirit and ultimately, create Art from the deepest connection within - The Soul. Discovering the healing power of Inspiration she realized her heart’s deepest desire — to Inspire you to “remember who you truly are. You are unique and your finger proves it.”

Stephey is most content when you’re feeling your best; you believe what your inner Inspiration is inspiring you to become, and you are empowered to create the life you truly desire. The Art she creates is intended to act as touchstones to your spirit, reminding you that what you do matters — you are interconnected to the whole of life - You are not alone; encouraging you to continue along your desired path despite perceived obstacles; and to listen to from within — your heart knows the way.

“When we begin to listen to and follow our Muse, we find courage to do what we love and create the life we truly desire.” ~Stephey

In addition to designing inspirational products she is extremely passionate about working one-on-one with other Artists wanting to create soul inspired art or those wanting to use their art for personal discovery or healing. It is through working one-on-one with others that she, “Recognized a need in others wanting to live a more creative life, experience their inner beauty, feel inspired, energized, renewed from disappointment, desiring hope, connection and validation that they can (and must) trust their gut and empower themselves to take action on what is inspiring them from within.” 

It is the continual recognition of these universal needs, that sparked the creation of Marked by the Muse - it is Stephey’s solution to connecting others to their Muse and bringing creative insight and inspiration to the world, to support those wanting to become who they truly are, through engaging their Spirit, Joy, Creativity and Beauty. In the spirit of sharing and a deep belief in altruism, each art piece offers a similar insight, exercise and lesson as working-on-one does, though through self-guided realization in a form of a unique How-To tag. 

Develop your Tools of Expression, Tools of Connection, Tools of Imagination and Tools of Inspiration to solidify trust between you and your Muse and create the life you truly desire.

Author: Stephey Baker and Claudette Baker