The Muse: Is it just some goddess the Greeks invented to inspire artists—over 2,400 years ago?

Somehow, we’ve come to believe that The Muse is inherent to artists, that The Muse gives great ideas, skill, and creativity to the prodigies of this world—to the poets, the musicians, and the visionaries. They’re the ones graced with The Muse’s inspirational powers and are destined to live a magically enchanted life while the rest of us are to take a seat on the sidelines.
Well, you can forget that.

The Muse doesn’t exclusively give the gift of sound to musicians—to sing our lives with their songs, the gift of words to poets—to inspire us with lyricism and to stop and smell the roses, or the gift of sight to visionaries—to encourage all of us to expand our imaginations and—to have a dream.

The fact is that we all have dreams, all of us. It doesn’t matter how big or how small: They’re our dreams.

Because from The Muse’s perspective, we’re all artists practicing the art of living.

We all desire to live life to the beat of our own drum. We are poets needing to express the words in our heart and envision our days with deeper meaning and purpose.

As artists, we’re creators. We create the experiences we want. We also create our responses to the experiences we don’t want.

The reality is that the Greeks missed the mark.

The Muse is not a divine goddess who exists outside ourselves. The Muse is the divine goddess who exists—inside ourselves—Our Spirit.

The Muse inspires us all, as artists, to create our own masterpieces: our lives.

Now is the time to get up from the sidelines and awaken who we truly are.

This is not about the prodigies of this world. It is about looking within and discovering our unique selves—Our Spirit—The Muse who lives within us.

We are all a one-of-a-kind artwork—our fingerprints prove it.

It’s time to live a life marked by the muse—to follow our inspirations, cultivate our skills, and do what we love: this is how we leave our mark on the world.

Because if we don’t create what our dreams inspire, who will? If we don’t create the life we desire, who will?

Who will if we don’t?

Because waking up to our Muse makes life worth living.

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