• Image of The Courage To Fly Handmade Giclee Art print
  • Image of The Courage To Fly Handmade Giclee Art print
  • Image of The Courage To Fly Handmade Giclee Art print

Do what you love, leap into your dreams, take a chance on yourself … have the courage to fly.

This giclee print from my Ode to Dreams series celebrates the courage to do what you love:

Time carries each of us,
to the place within our heart-life,
when all the inspiration needed
to make our journey is gathered.

This is the time our hearts
are ripe with a sense
of purpose and long to share its creativity.

This is the time
our heart begins to drum deep within us
- leave the branch
listening we push off
And FLY …

This piece, "The Courage to Fly: Heart's soaring journey into freedom", compels you to love yourself, to take that inspired chance on you! It reminds you that everything awry in your life right now is due to drifting too far from your inner whispers.

Shake off the dreariness of duty and sacrifice and do what you love. Every small step gives you courage. When you do what you love, your heart soars!

Unloving thoughts, commitments and activities close the heart, but when you do what you love, you open your heart right up. If you love to sing, sing for ten minutes, and feel your mood lift. If you love to cook, prepare a special meal for yourself or your family, and revel in the joy of creating. If you love to paint, then find a blank canvas and start painting!

If you want to daydream, do so without guilt, because you are free. You have the courage to fly.

Start small. What do you love? Hang this artwork in your home and let it remind you to build your life with your heart, to push off the branch each day and let your heart fly!
Image area measures 6 x 8 inches.
Paper measures: 8x10 inches The border gives plenty of room for mounting and framing. Comes signed and in a bend proof mailer.

"Courage to Fly" is printed with 12-color, pigmented giclée printing on archival watercolor paper, meaning it is museum quality with vibrant colors as close as possible to the original.

Your print will arrive securely packaged in a bend-proof envelope.

If this piece speaks to the part of you ready to soar, or you think it would make a perfect keepsake for someone already in flight, I'd love for you to share your story! I love connecting to artists and art lovers — contact me via email. Or reach out on Facebook or Instagram

Keep your heart light and your imagination wild!

All My Best,